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CO46 / MD4C multi level (Production Order) BOM not showing / drilling down  


Ganesh A
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23/03/2021 9:38 am  

I have a Production Order with the following structure:

Level 0 : Finished > Level 1: Semi Finished: Level 2: Semi Finished with other components.

I create a Production Order and can only see Finished Goods (Level 0) with its components in CO46.

I need to see 3 levels in the example above and I am only seeing 1.

can someone help here?

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23/03/2021 9:39 am  

When you open transaction CO46 you have the option to change the profile used in this transaction. Please ensure that you have a number of hierarchy levels higher than 3 and also make sure that all the flags on section "display from" are checked.