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What is Big Data concept?  


Ganesh A
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18/03/2021 11:51 am  
Can anyone tell me what is the Big Data concept?

Sathish Kumar
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18/03/2021 11:52 am  

Data becomes Big Data when it satisfies some criteria, namely, the 5 Vs of Big Data. They are as follows:

  • Volume: Data will be considered as Big Data if it in extremely high volume. The size of the data ranges from terabytes to petabytes. The term ‘Big Data’ itself conveys that the data has to be ‘big’ in size.
  • Velocity: When the speed at which data is generated becomes too high, then the data would fall into the Big Data category. In real-time applications, data is continuously generated, and it demands the need for powerful tools that can efficiently store and process this data.
  • Variety: Big Data is never considered to be homogeneous; it can come in structured, semi-structured, or unstructured formats. Also, the real-time data always comes from heterogeneous sources and thus can exhibit variety.
  • Veracity: Big Data is said to have inconsistencies due to errors, missing values, etc.
  • Value: Data is categorized as Big Data when it holds attributes that have a value such that it can be useful for further analysis. Attributes such as serial numbers or admission numbers mostly are not counted as valuable attributes.